Chapter 9 Other Anti-discrimination Laws describes in detail an employees rights to be free from Age Discrimination. describes other anti-discrimination laws in detail including the Americans with Disabilities Act, gender, race, and other illegal discrimination practices, under Title VII.

Equal Pay. In addition to the FLSA, employers must also comply with other federal laws including equal pay provisions. Equal pay provisions prohibit sex-based wage differences between men and women employed in the same establishment who perform jobs that require equal skill, effort, and responsibility and which are performed under similar working conditions. Unfortunately, the practice of paying women less than men for performing the same job is all too common, even today.
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Other labor laws related to wage and hour and overtime laws include the following:

Family and Medical Leave Act entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected leave each year, with maintenance of group health insurance, for the birth and care of a child, spouse, or parent placement of a child for adoption of foster case, for the care of a child, spouse, or parent with a serious health condition, or for the employee’s serious health condition.

Wage Garnishment Law limits the amount of an individual’s income that may be legally garnished and prohibits firing an employee whose pay is garnished for payment of a single debt.

Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act protects farm workers by imposing certain requirements on agricultural employers and associations and requires the registration of crewleaders who must also provide the same worker protections.

Immigration and Nationality Act requires employers to verify the employment eligibility of individuals hired and keep Immigration and Naturalization forms (I-9) on file for at least 3 years and for one year after an employee is terminated.

Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act set overtime standards for service and construction contracts.

Service Contract Act requires payment of prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits on contracts to provide services to the Federal Government.

Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act requires payment of minimum wage rates and overtime pay on contracts to provide goods to the Federal Government.

Davis-Bacon Act and related acts requires payment of prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits on federally-financed or assisted construction.

Do not wait. If you have been the victim any form of discrimination, consult an attorney immediately. Proving some of these types of cases, such as serious gender discrimination, can result in a very significant recovery. It is possible to recover lost wages, meaning the wages you would have earned had there not been discrimination. Do not wait to bring your claim. As with many types of employment lawsuits, your rights to bring a claim can expire with time. Check with an attorney.